Joan Hambidge, the Text Will Take Me There


Rina Sherman
VOICES Meetings with Remarkable People
HD, couleurs, 72 min, Paris, k éditeur, 2017

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Joan Hambidge, The Text Will Take Me There

Rina Sherman

VOICES Meetings with Remarkable People

HD, couleurs, 72 min, Paris, k éditeur, 2017

A cineportrait of Joan Hambidge, a poet, literary theorist and academic. She has published over 25 volumes of poetry and has written extensively on Postmodernism, deconstruction and gender. Her second collection of poetry, Bitterlemoene (1986), won the Eugène N. Marais Prize. She was a professor at the School of Literature and languages at the University of Cape Town. Professor Hambidge is currently a Fellow at UCT.
In this cineportrait, Joan Hambidge talks about writing, teaching creative writing, the theory of modern literature and about the sexual discrimination she endured under the criminal racist regime of pre-Mandela South Africa.

Prof. Joan Hambidge is a poet and academic, known for her iconoclastic approach to Afrikaans literary traditions and for being the first Afrikaans author to have dealt with lesbianism from an insider’s perspective. She holds a BA (Hons, cum laude) from Stellenbosch University, an MA (cum laude) from the University of Pretoria, and two doctoral degrees, the first from Rhodes University and the second from the University of Cape Town, where Hambidge has taught since 1992. Her publications include Matriks (2015) Meditasies (2013), and Vuurwiel (2009). Hambidge is also the recipient of the 1986 Eugène Marais Prize and the 2012 ATKV Prize.
She published 2 volumes in 2021: Nomadiese sterre and ;Konfessies, Kaarte en Konterfeitsels.
Sanctum will be released in 2022.

Rencontres avec des personnes remarquables – Meetings with Remarkable People


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